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  1. April 3: Latest Updates to the City of Biddeford's COVID-19 Response

    At the March 31 City Council meeting, the Council approved measures that will provide financial relief to residents during COVID-19, new procedures for PAYT bag replacement and curbside brush disposal, and the reopening of the Recycling Center. Read on...
  2. City Council to Continue Business Through Virtual Meetings

    While City Hall remains closed to the public, the City Council will be using Zoom, a video conference tool, to complete business without meeting in person. You can continue to watch meetings on the Public Access Channel and our website. Read on...
  3. Food Resources Available in Biddeford

    If you are in need of food resources during this uncertain time, click here for a list of options available in Biddeford that we are aware of as of March 31: Read on...
  4. Message from the Wastewater Department

    We know that access to toilet paper has been limited, but please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Products such as wipes (even flushable wipes), paper towels, napkins, and tissues need to be thrown in the trash, NOT flushed. Read on...
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