Public Works


It is the mission of the Public Works Department to provide outstanding Public Services in a timely and fiscally responsible manner while maintaining an excellent infrastructure, assuring a clean and safe environment as well as sustaining a high quality of life.

We will act with pride, vision and accountability and will react in readiness. We will listen, and furthermore, we will respond. We are committed to serving all the people every day.

Department of Public Works Sign


Biddeford's Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of 275 lane miles of roadway and it is organized into six divisions:

Vehicle Maintenance

Public Works is responsible for the purchase and upkeep of all City vehicles and equipment.

Street Maintenance

This division includes, but is not limited to:

  • Implementation of the Capital Paving Program
  • Implementation of weed and dust control programs
  • Placement of pavement markings
  • Right-of-way maintenance
  • Storm drain maintenance and repair
  • Street and sidewalk spot repair
  • Traffic / street sign installation and maintenance

This also funds the winter street maintenance operations.

Solid Waste Management

Operations include the curbside collection of household trash, the Recycling Center and Transfer Station efforts, the Recycling educational efforts, the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection and the maintenance of our closed landfill including the monitoring of our system of test wells surrounding the landfill site.

Parks Maintenance

Includes all athletic fields, beaches, parks and playgrounds. This division is also responsible for the maintenance of the Downtown district and all City trees and planting areas, maintenance of the City Cemetery and Nursery, as required, and in the winter season the maintenance (plowing and de-icing) of sidewalks, City parking lots and City buildings (after hours).

Wastewater Operations & Maintenance

This funds the operation, maintenance and repair of the:

  • 23 sewerage pump stations
  • Biddeford Pool Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Combined sewer system
  • CSO capture tank at Mechanics Park
  • Sanitary sewer system
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant on Water Street

Industrial Pretreatment Program

The City of Biddeford has authority to establish and administer an industrial pretreatment program. The program is funded by industrial sewer user fees. Visit the industrial pretreatment webpage.

Cemetery Maintenance

Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Woodlawn Cemetery. Please contact us at 207-282-1579.