Downtown Winter Sidewalk Maintenance

Responsibilities for Clearing Snow/Ice From the Public Sidewalks in the Downtown Business Area

While the City has Ordinances in place ( Chapter 62, Section 62-1 ) requiring property owners in the Downtown Business Area to remove ice and snow from the public sidewalks abutting their properties, it really is more about the business owners cooperatively working together to make the downtown safe and inviting for your customers.

Downtown Business Area Streets

The Downtown Business Area includes the following streets :

  • Adams Street (Main to Jefferson)
  • Alfred Street (Main to Mount Vernon)
  • Elm Street (Saco River to Center Street)
  • Federal Street
  • Franklin Street
  • Jefferson Street
  • Lincoln Street
  • Main Street (Elm to Water )
  • Pool Street (Alfred to Foss )
  • South Street (Adams to Jefferson)
  • Washington Street (Main to Jefferson)
  • Washington Street (Jefferson to Alfred, East Side)
  • Water Street (Hill to Sullivan )

City/Public Works Snow/Ice Removal

The City has ownership of a number of properties within this area. Therefore, the Public Works Department is charged with the responsibility of clearing snow/ice in those areas. In doing so, the Department typically assists the other property owners by running its sidewalk plow wherever it fits in the area. However, this does not relieve the other property owners of their responsibility to clear snow/ice. Also, the City offers free sand/salt mixture at the Recycling/Transfer Station, 371 Hill Street, during the winter months. There is a limit of two 5-gallon buckets per day.


In cases where a property owner does not address his/her responsibility, fines can be imposed and the City can charge the owner for clearing the sidewalk.

Contact Public Works

Please call the Public Works Department, 207-282-1579, to report any problems.