Downtown & Mill District Parking

Parking Information for Residents

As of July 1, 2021, the City of Biddeford's downtown public parking lots are managed by Premium Parking. 

An overview of parking rates and policies can be found below. For more information on purchasing monthly or hourly parking permits, please visit

Questions can be directed to Premium Parking's 24/7 customer service at 844-236-2011 or to

Main Street, Biddeford with purple flowers in the foreground and City Hall in the background.

On-Street Parking is Free - No Parking Permits Required!

On-street parking in all areas of Biddeford is free. You can park on Main Street and any downtown side street without purchasing a parking permit.

In order to increase the turnover of free on-street parking spaces, many streets in the downtown have parking time limits. There is four-hour parking on portions of Adams, Center, Jefferson, Lincoln, and South Street, and two-hour parking on Main Street and Bacon Street. These limits were put in place to help residents and visitors continue to find free parking for their short-term downtown errands. Please take note of posted time limits before parking.

Free Perpendicular Parking

The perpendicular parking spaces along Franklin Street are also considered on-street parking spaces. There are several free two-hour parking spaces in this area, as well as eight free 30-minute parking spaces. There are also two free 30-minute parking spaces in the Blue Lot for Police business only. You do not have to use a parking kiosk to park in any of these free spaces.

No Overnight Parking on Main Street

Parking on Main Street is prohibited from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Permits Required in Downtown Public Parking Lots

Premium Parking App

Parking permits are required to park in public parking lots in the downtown. Premium Parking manages the sale of parking permits.

Long-term parking permits are available for purchase on a monthly basis. Hourly parking is also available for purchase.

Monthly Parking Permits

Three types of long-term parking permits are offered to fit the needs of various types of downtown parkers.

  • Monday-Friday parking permits were designed to fit the needs of downtown employees who park in the lots or garage during the workday and allow users to park from 7AM to 6PM on weekdays.
  • Nights & Weekends parking permits were designed for downtown residents who work outside of the city and park in municipal lots after work. This permit option allows users to park in City lots between 6PM and 7AM on weeknights and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 24/7 parking permits allow you to park in the lots or garage at any time.

Current Parking Permit Rates

Monday-Friday permits: $50/month

Nights & Weekends permits: $35/month

24/7 permits: $65/month

Monthly permits are available in the following locations (Location numbers in parentheses):

  • Franklin Street Lot (P4302)
  • Washington Street Lot (P4304)
  • Foss Street Lot (P4305)
  • Alfred Street Lot (P4306)
  • 45 Water Street Lot (P4307)
  • 78 Water Street Lot (P4308)

Purchasing Monthly Parking Permits

Visit to purchase a permit. Permits are registered by license plate number, so you will not receive a physical permit to display in your vehicle.

Permit Lot Map

Purchasing Hourly Parking


Hourly parking can be purchased in several ways:

  • Pay at parking kiosks located in each parking lot and in the parking garage.
  • Pay for parking from any smart phone without downloading an app. Simply text "PARK" or your Location # (ex. P1234) to 504504. You will be directed to a secure, mobile-payment portal. Pay in seconds and get on to your final destination.
  • Aim your phone camera at the QR code on the sign in the lot and tap the link that appears. You will be directed to a secure, mobile payment portal. 
  • Download the Premium Parking app.

You will simply need to enter your license plate number to register to park – no need to return to your car to display a ticket or receipt.

The Franklin Street Lot and the Alfred Street Lot (located next to the Police Station) offer two hours of free parking. Users must enter their license plate number at the kiosk in order to park for free in these lots.

City of Biddeford Downtown Parking Map


Parking enforcement in public parking lots and in the parking garage will be conducted by Admiral Enforcement. Parking tickets in these areas will not be issued from the Biddeford Police Department and cannot be paid at City Hall or at the Police Department.