Employment Application

Employee Expectations

Working for the City of Biddeford is an opportunity to make this special place better. Citizens love their home town and you are given the remarkable responsibility to protect and enhance those positive feelings. As an employee of the City, you will be competitively compensated for your contributions. While you will not become rich financially, you will be richly rewarded with the intrinsic feeling of making our community a better place. You are expected to make a difference in the lives of each and every citizen.

To make that difference, each employee is expected to maintain the highest ethical and morale standards. You are expected to take ownership and personal responsibility for all commitments to our citizens and to fellow employees. Residents and businesses pay for your services directly through property taxes and other fees. Servicing them honestly, effectively and professionally is required. Embracing the rules and regulations set forth for the organization, not simply complying, is the key to your future with the City.

To be successful in our organization, you shall:


  • Always have the best interest of the City and your fellow employees in mind
  • Demonstrate poise, maturity, positive attitude and self confidence in the accomplishment of tasks and communication with others
  • Value the unity of our organization, take care of one another
  • Maintain a positive, well balanced work environment
  • Be willing to learn new functions of your job and be enthusiastic about being part of a great organization!

Professional Conduct

  • Treat customers, clients, coworkers and vendors with patience, respect, and consideration
  • Communicate openly with supervisors, managers, and coworkers
  • Constructive criticism is given to improve job performance. Listen and learn from the input shared with you
  • Be discreet with personal information


  • Apply problem solving techniques and brainstorm possibilities - be creative!
  • Each individual is expected to contribute team spirit to the workplace and improve morale
  • City employees are expected to be individual performers as well as team players. While individuals perform, it is a highly functioning team that works together
  • Great ideas and contributions are produced from all levels of the organization


  • Anticipate and complete projects in a comprehensive manner to provide a high quality service
  • Aggressively promote and enhance the image of Biddeford
  • Be dependable and punctual, if you will be late or absent let your supervisor know
  • Employees of the City are hired to meet the needs of our customers, not just to perform specific job tasks. Employees need to understand that every job that is performed must be dedicated to providing a quality product and service to the City’s customers.


Please print and complete the attached employment application (PDF) in its entirety, include the position(s) you are interested in applying for and return to:
City of Biddeford
Attn: Human Resources
205 Main Street
P.O. Box 586
Biddeford, ME 04005

Fax: 207-571-8620
Email Employment