Commercial Construction

Building Plan Review Requirements

In order to perform a thorough building plan review, the following specifications, drawings and details should be submitted:

  • Complete signed and sealed architectural plans
  • Material specifications of all work
  • Structural plans

Site Plan

A site plan includes the following information:

  • Distances from lot lines
  • Established street grades and proposed finish grades
  • Size and location of all new construction and all existing structures on the site.

Architectural Plans & Specifications

Architectural plans and specifications should include the following information:

  • Accessibility provisions
  • Adequate details and dimensions to evaluate means of egress, including occupant loads for each floor, exit arrangement and sizes, corridors, doors, stairs, etc.
  • Adequate details to evaluate fire-resistive construction requirements, including data substantiating required ratings
  • Description and details of proposed special occupancies such as a covered mall, high-rise, mezzanine, atrium, public garage, etc.
  • Description of uses and the proposed use group(s) for all portions of the building
  • Details of required fire protection systems
  • Details of plastic, insulation, and safety glazing installation
  • Design approach for mixed-uses (as applicable)
  • Exit signs / means of egress lighting, including power supply
  • Fully dimensioned drawings to determine areas and building height
  • Proposed type of construction of the building

Structural Plans, Specifications & Engineering Details

Structural plans, specifications, and engineering details should include the following information:

  • Applicable construction standards and material specifications (such as masonry, concrete, wood, steel, etc.)
  • Details of foundations and superstructure
  • Earthquake seismic zone/effective peak acceleration coefficient
  • Local design load criteria, including frost depth
  • Provisions for required special inspections
  • Signed and sealed structural design calculations which support the member sizes on the drawings
  • Soils report indicating the soil type and recommended allowable bearing pressure and foundation type