General Assistance

Applications for General Assistance are taken by appointment only. Please come in person to the the General Assistance office to schedule an appointment, and pick up documents that may need to be completed before your scheduled appointment. 

The General Assistance Program is a program designed to assist eligible residents of Biddeford with basic necessities when they are unable to do so on their own. General Assistance is intended to be a program of “last resort”, other available programs, finances, or assistance programs must be utilized first before seeking General Assistance.  General Assistance is granted in voucher form, and no cash assistance is granted from the program. Individuals or families must apply for General Assistance in person by appointment, unless there are circumstances that would prevent an in person application.  

The General Assistance Program is the most accountable assistance program in the State of Maine, and applicants are required to reduce their reliance on General Assistance.  This may mean searching for employment, or applying for disability benefits.  Applying for SNAP, applying for TANF, and applying for other state and federal benefits, may also be requirements given the individual situation of an individual or family. 

For answers to questions you may have please see our FAQs page or call (207) 284-9514.