RFPs, RFQs, RFBs, & Contracts

Information about contracts the City enters into with vendors and the process for selecting vendors is provided on this webpage. The page is divided into three sections covering purchasing rules, published solicitations, and municipal contracts.

Purchasing Rules

Purchases of goods and services are governed by the City Charter and the Code of Ordinances. The City Charter establishes that "money shall be paid only in warrants on the City Treasury examined by the City Finance Director and signed by the Mayor" - City Charter, Article XI-Business and Financial Provisions, Sec. 7-Payments. Chapter 2 of the Code of Ordinances under Article V-Finance, Division 2-Procurement, establishes the rules for procurement. These include department responsibilities, the bid process, approval thresholds, etc. The Ordinance also prohibits payment of any bill without an approved purchase order and knowingly entering into contracts with vendors that offering goods and services produced under sweatshop conditions, violate workplace standards, or suppress worker rights.

Generally, items of the highest quality and lowest price shall be selected. Cost effectiveness is determined based on the following six (6) factors:

  1. Price;
  2. Comparable quality;
  3. Cost/ability to secure prices;
  4. Shipping and handling cost;
  5. Convenience of follow-up service;
  6. Time to secure the supply, item or service.

RFPs, RFQ, and RFBs

Solicitations for goods and services are posted on the Current RFPs and RFQs page, and depending on the nature of the solicitation, advertised through relevant mediums. Solicitations can be in the form of verbal solicitations, requests for proposals (RFPs), requests for qualifications (RFQs), requests for bids (RFBs). Purchases not exceeding $5,000 may be purchased under the "small purchases" rule. There are four levels of approval authority: Department Heads may authorize purchases of less than $1,000; the City Manager may authorize purchased of between $1,000 and $4,999; the Finance Committee may authorize purchases of $5,000 or greater, and; the City Council shall authorize all purchases of $30,000 and greater.

Municipal Personnel Contracts

The Human Resources Department maintains a directory of employee benefit information and bargaining agreements on the Human Resources Benefits Overview page.