Cable Television Committee

The Cable Television Committee assists the City of Biddeford with matters related to cable television.

The Committee consists of seven members who must be subscribers to the franchised City of Biddeford CATV: one member being a City Councilor, two members who are public access producers and four members from the general public – one of which who may be a School Committee member. Members are appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term and confirmed by the City Council.

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  1. Lucien Belanger

    7 Debbie Avenue

    Term Expires: 12/2020

  2. Bobby Mills

    Council Member

    10 Windsor Lane

    Term Expires: 12/2025

  3. Richard Rhames

    10 West Loop Road

    Term Expires: 12/2024

  1. Brian Phinney

    Chief Operating Officer

  2. Steve Pulos

    Public Access Director