Project Canopy Committee

The Project Canopy Committee aims to promote and enhance the quality of life for citizens of Biddeford through an appreciation and knowledge of the value of trees in an urban landscape ecosystem. The committee consists of 7 members who are appointed for five-year staggered terms.

  1. Ronald Gobeil

    11 Havey Street
    Term Expires: 12/2023

  2. Carina Walter

    1 Parkview Court, #132
    Term Expires: 12/2022

  3. David Gagnon

    29 Harding Street
    Term Expires: 12/2021

  4. Rebecca Henry

    5 Forest Street
    Term Expires: 12/2021

  5. Charlotte Jacques

    1 Hillside Avenue
    Term Expires: 12/2022

  6. Leo Letendre

    2 Meetinghouse Rd
    Term Expires: 12/2021

  1. Jeff Demers

    Public Works Director

  2. Carl Walsh

    Recreation Director

  3. Jan Ames

    Pine Tree Arboretum
    153 Hospital St
    P.O. Box 344
    Augusta, ME

  4. Kathy Labelle

    172 Hills Beach Rd
    Biddeford, ME 04005