Downtown Committee

The Downtown Committee is responsible for reviewing matters affecting the City of Biddeford’s downtown, including, but not limited to, downtown improvement initiatives, collaborating with external agencies and businesses on downtown improvement projects, and all minor garage design feature decisions. The Downtown Committee is also delegated as the Parking Authority with the following powers:

  • Creation, elimination or relocation of disability parking spots
  • Creation, elimination or otherwise amending of limited parking areas to include: timed parking, loading zones, dropoff zones, taxi or bus parking, etc.
  • Creation, elimination or otherwise amending limited parking zones within the municipal surface parking lots, e.g., timed parking and the charging of a fee for its use.

The Committee consists of the Mayor, four Council members and a member of the Downtown Development Commission. The DDC member shall serve as a non-voting member except in the absence of a full-time voting member. A chairperson is selected from the voting members.

  1. Martin Grohman


  2. Roger Beaupre

    Councilor Ward 3

  3. Norman Belanger

    Councilor Ward 6

  4. Julian Schlaver

    Councilor Ward 5

  5. Scott Whiting

    Councilor Ward 2

  1. Brian Phinney

    Chief Operating Officer

  2. Robin Patterson

    City Clerk