Posted Roads 2023

Load Limit Road Postings

The City of Biddeford will be posting the following streets for weight limits in order to prevent excessive damage to streets as the frost comes out of the ground. At the end of each affected street, there will be a notice displayed listing the date of the posting, a description of the street posted and a summary of the vehicles exempt from the posting.

As of 2/27/2023, the following streets will be posted:

  • River Road                      (South St to Dayton Line)
  • South Street                     (Main St and South to Dayton Line)
  • Mountain Road                (Spur to Arundel Town Line)
  • Oak Ridge Road              (Guinea Rd to Rte.9)
  • Newtown Road                (Rte.9 to West St)           
  • Buzzel Road                     (River Rd to Town Line) 
  • May Street                       (Rte.111 to South St)
  • Old Pool Road                 (Hills Beach Rd to Bridge Rd)
  • Guinea Road                    (Meetinghouse to Kennebunkport Line)
  • West Street                      (Granite to Rt 9 Pool Rd)
  • Elizabeth Rd                    (Pool Rd to Fortunes Rocks)
  • Maddox Pond                  (Pool Rd to Fortunes Rocks)