Property Tax Direct Payment Program

In January 2020, the Office of the State Treasurer mailed 3,313 Biddeford households a check from their office for $104. Several Frequently Asked Questions about this State of Maine program are included below.

Q. Who is sending the relief payment?

A. The Office of the State Treasurer will be mailing a check directly to all qualified homesteaders.

Q. How much is the payment?

A. $104.00.

Q. When will I receive my payment?

A. Payments will be processed and mailed in the months of January and February. By law, payments must be sent by March 1. Daily batches of approximately 20,000 checks will continue until all 310,000 payments have been made. Please look at the official Office of the State Treasurer Facebook site for updates at -BIDDEFORD HAS BEEN MAILED-

Q. How do I check if I will receive a payment?

A. Check your 2019 tax bill for the homestead exemption. If yes, a check will be mailed in January or February. The law requires that payments are sent by March 1.

Q. Do I need to send an application to the State Treasurer to receive the payment?

A. No. No application is necessary for this relief payment. To qualify for a payment, you must already have homestead exemption status on your home. Residents apply separately for the homestead exemption.

Q. I submitted my homestead application after April 1, 2019. Will I receive a payment?

A. Only properties that qualified for the exemption on or before April 1, 2019 will receive a payment.

Q. Who qualifies for a homestead exemption?

A. For more information on this program, please review the FAQ here:

Q. Is this a new program?

A. Yes, this is a program that began in 2019 and is administered by the State Treasurer. This program was established by P.L. 2019 Chapter 448, as proposed in LD 1713 "An Act To Return Funds to Maine Property Tax Payers." It is separate from previous and existing efforts to provide property tax relief such as revenue sharing, certain property tax exemptions and certain property tax credits.

Q. How is this program funded?

A. This program is funded by the Property Tax Relief Fund for Maine Residents. The Property Tax Relief Fund for Maine Residents consists of excess general fund revenues.

Q. Will municipalities be reimbursed for any expenses?

A. We anticipate expenses to be minimal. We appreciate the work of town and city employees and demands on their time. The law allows for payments to be made to municipalities for costs related to relief payments pursuant to a mandate under the Constitution of Maine, Article IX, Section 21. By law, we are authorized to reimburse 90% of the costs incurred. We will be sending these payments directly to each municipality.

For more questions about the program, please contact 207-624-7477, option 3.