RFP - South Street Sidewalk Improvement Project

Request for Proposals

Surveying/Design/Engineering, Construction Ready Plans and Bid Specifications Package for South Street Sidewalk Improvement Project                                                               

The City of Biddeford will receive sealed bids for surveying/design/engineering, construction ready plans, and a bid specification package for the HUD – CDBG – South Street Sidewalk Improvement  Project (2020) until 2:00 p.m. prevailing local time March 23rd, 2020.  Bid documents (3 copies) shall be in clearly marked sealed envelopes titled HUD – CDBG – South Street Sidewalk Improvement Project (2020).  

All bidders can electronically submit their bids to Mathew.Eddy@biddefordmaine.org or can drop their sealed bids into the City drop box slot labeled "Drop Box for taxes and payments" located at 205 Main Street, on the ground floor side entrance on Adams Street on or before the time stated in the bid advertisement. We will collect the bids at that time and log them in as received. There will be no public opening and reading aloud of the bids but the data will be reviewed and tabulated as soon as time permits for completeness after which time the bid results will made public and available to all bid responders.

The Scope of Work includes the surveying/design/engineering for sidewalk reconstruction on the north side of South Street from Kossuth to Elm Street (approximately 680 feet of sidewalk) and the south side of South Street from Crescent to Elm Street (approximately 480 feet of sidewalk). Also included in the Scope of Work are 9 ADA Detectable Warning Ramps and 3 paver crosswalks.  The Scope of Work also includes the development of construction ready plans and a bid specification package. 

The full RFP can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

Submit technical questions in writing to the attention of: Robert Sanchioni at 284-9118, or e-mail: robert.sanchioni@biddefordmaine.org no later than 4 days before the scheduled bid opening. Administrative and/or HUD regulation questions should be directed to Linda Holmes at 284-9105 or, email: Linda.Holmes@biddefordmaine.org

South Street Sidewalk Project Area Map

South Street RFP Location Map