Shopping Hours for At-Risk Individuals

Many stores are starting to offer special shopping hours for older adults and at-risk individuals. The following stores in the Biddeford area are offering special hours as of March 25:

Shaws - Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9am

Market Basket - Tuesday through Thursday from 5:30-7am (60+ only)

Walmart - March 24 through April 28, stores will open one hour early on Tuesdays for customers 60+. Most stores in Maine open at 7am, so this special hour would start at 6am.

Target - Every Wednesday the first hour of the store opening. Most stores in Maine open at 8am.

New Morning Natural Foods - The first hour of business each day that the store is open (current hours Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.) for immunocompromised individuals and 60+ customers.

If you are NOT 60+ or an at-risk shopper, please honor these special hours. We each can do our part to help limit the spread and ensure that everyone is able to purchase supplies.