PAYT Bag Replacement

Temporary "Pay As You Throw" Bag Replacement

Through May 29, residents who use Pay as You Throw orange trash bags will have one free bag dropped off in replacement of each bag that is used. This service is only available for residents who currently receive curbside trash pickup services.

  • Please note that pickup and replacement of the orange PAYT bags will take place after the trash truck has passed. We ask you to leave your green trash bin at the curb until our staff has picked up your PAYT bags. This will help us figure out who the PAYT bags belong to so we can get the replacements to the right person.
  • When using a PAYT bag for trash disposal, it should be placed next to your trash bin, not on top of your trash bin.
  • If you live in a grandfathered multi-unit building and you receive trash pickup services but do not have a trash can, we ask you to reach out to your landlord and have them call us at 284-9020. We will work with your landlord to make sure replacement bags get properly distributed to tenants.
  • Thank you for understanding the intention behind this bag replacement program and limiting your use of PAYT bags to regular household trash. We cannot replace bags that are used to dispose of leaves or other debris. We appreciate your cooperation.

Beginning the week of June 1, orange Pay As You Throw bags that are used by residents who receive trash pickup services will not be replaced after pickup. A list of locations where Pay As You Throw bags can be purchased is available at