Thank You!

Thank you to the many organizations that have made donations of protective equipment or meals for our first responders during this crisis. Your generosity in this difficult time is appreciated immensely.

  • Batson River Brewing - donated hand sanitizer made at the brewery to the Fire Department
  • Coca Cola - Donated energy drinks to the Police Department
  • Dairy Queen - donated ice cream cake to the Fire Department and Police Department
  • Dr. Dean Tourigny - donated masks to the Fire Department
  • Domino’s - donated pizzas to the Police Department
  • The Dupuis Family - donated candy bars to the Police Department
  • Edward Jones - Donated sandwiches from Pool Street Market to the Police Department
  • Ernest and Yacinda Dieterle - Donated Chinese takeout to the Fire Department
  • Go Foto Yourself New England - donated pizza to the Fire Department
  • Heart of Biddeford and "Share the Love" donors - donated coffee and pastries to the Fire Department; donated meals from Hamburger Stand to Police Department.
  • Home Depot - Donated gloves, masks, and filter cartridges to the Police and Fire Departments
  • Homeland Security - Donated N95 masks to the Police Department
  • Hope Memorial Chapel - Donated gift certificates to Cowbell for meals for the Police Department and Fire Department.
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard - Donated ear savers (plastic pieces that connect a face mask behind the head to alleviate the pressure on the ears), 120 face shields and 200 homemade cloth face coverings to the Police Department
  • Jim Godbout Plumbing - Donated 100 N95 masks to the Police Department
  • Joline Pothier - Making and donating masks to the Fire Department
  • Kobe Biddeford - Donated meals to the Police Department and Fire Department
  • La Kermesse - Donated donuts to the Fire and Police Departments
  • Louis’ Pizza - Donated meals to the Fire Department and Police Department
  • New Life Church - Donated meals from Amato’s to the Police Department
  • Ocean State Job Lot - Donated 1,600 KN95 masks, 3,000 Surgical Masks, 20 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer, 10 Face Shields and 15 Infrared Non-Contact Thermometers
  • Panera Bread - donated meals to the Police Department
  • Pension Professionals - Paid for coffee for all first responders on April 8; donated additional bags of coffee to Police Department
  • People’s Choice Credit Union - Donated pizza and fries to the Police Department
  • Soleras - Donated masks to the Fire Department
  • Southern Maine Health Care - Donated a thermometer to the Police Department.
  • St. Demetrios Church - Donated Baklava to the Fire Department and Police Department
  • Starbucks - Donated food & beverages to the Fire Department
  • Sweetser - Donated Dunkin’ donuts to the Police Department
  • Taco Bell - Donated a meal to the Fire Department
  • Thermoformed Plastics of New England - donated 1,000 face shields to first responders
  • Wal-Mart - Donated hand sanitizer

In addition to the list above, various residents have dropped off supplies, gift cards, and more. Some have asked to remain anonymous, while others left donations outside of our buildings for safety reasons and we were not able to catch their names. We are so very grateful that you are thinking of us!

Making Donations

If you are interested in making a donation to our first responders, we thank you for your generosity! We ask that you reach out to us first to let us know what you would like to donate and make arrangements to drop it off. 

Fire Department: 207-282-6632

Police Department: 207-282-5127