Travel Information

Updated March 5, 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Maine has instituted policies for some out-of-state visitors, or Maine residents returning to the state, that may affect your visit to our community. Please keep the following information in mind as you finalize travel plans.

What To Do When You Arrive

Those who travel to Biddeford come to enjoy our scenery, our outdoors, our restaurants, and our shops. They neither want to quarantine upon arrival nor want to risk their own health when venturing out in places with visitors from across the nation. 

The State of Maine’s "Keep Maine Healthy" initiative offers alternatives to a 10-day quarantine period. Individuals who do not follow the procedures below continue to be required to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Maine.


  • The State will exempt residents of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island from any testing and quarantine requirements altogether. Individuals who are fully vaccinated, as well as individuals who recently had COVID-19, are also exempt.


  • The State will allow adults who obtain and receive a negative COVID-19 test no later than 72 hours prior to arrival to forgo the 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine. Individuals may be tested in Maine, but they must quarantine while awaiting the results. Testing for children 18 years and younger who are travelling with adults is not required. 
  • Maine only accepts PCR-based tests, and does not accept antibody testing at this time. A rapid ID NOW test may be used for the purpose of an alternative to quarantine.
  • Maine is strongly urging visitors to be tested and receive results in their home state before traveling to Maine, which will allow them to take appropriate action depending on the result. Websites like Get Tested COVID-19 show local testing options nationwide.
  • Individuals must complete a Certificate of Compliance form indicating they have received a negative COVID-19 test result, that they will quarantine in Maine for 10 days, or that they have already completed their quarantine in Maine. This Certificate of Compliance must be provided to check-in at all Maine lodging, campgrounds, seasonal rentals, overnight camps, and other commercial lodging, such as Airbnb. Visitors may be asked to furnish proof of the negative test result upon request.

What Does It Mean to Quarantine?

Individuals who do not follow the procedures above continue to be required to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Maine. Additionally, individuals who are tested in Maine after traveling into the state must quarantine while awaiting the results. During this period:

  • You may only be around those you traveled with for 10 days once you enter the state. This means you may not visit with friends or family who you did not travel with.
  • You may not visit a grocery store or any other store during the quarantine period.
  • You may go for a walk, but you must wear a face mask and stay six feet apart or more from others. Individuals in quarantine are strongly urged to avoid going for walks in heavily-traveled areas. Be prepared to keep your distance from others during chance encounters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I quarantine at my hotel, campground, or at my rental during my visit to Maine instead of getting a test?

You may choose to quarantine at your rental or place of lodging if you follow Maine’s CDC guidelines for quarantine. For rural camps and remote rental locations with private kitchen and bathroom facilities, quarantine may be possible for the duration of a visit to Maine. Visitors who are quarantining during their stay in Maine must comply with Maine’s quarantine requirements and they may not visit Maine restaurants, businesses, and crowded public spaces and they may not use shared facilities and dining rooms. 

What if I am awaiting test results after arriving in Maine?

If you were tested for COVID-19 upon your arrival Maine and do not yet have test results, you must quarantine in your room or rental until you receive a negative test result. You must arrange for meals to be delivered to your room and you must avoid contact with staff and guests after check-out until your negative test result is received. Use of shared public spaces, dining spaces, gyms and pools is prohibited during quarantine.

Should seasonal Maine residents, workers, or other visitors get a COVID-19 test prior to arrival?

Seasonal homeowners, workers traveling to Maine, and other visitors may also utilize a recent negative COVID-19 test as an alternative to the required 14-day quarantine in Maine. Visitors should quarantine at home between the time of their test and their arrival in Maine and, if tested upon arrival in Maine, they should quarantine until a negative test result is received. 

Will I have my symptoms checked daily in Maine?

Through Maine’s public health system, or through visits to Maine sites, businesses and establishments, you may be asked about whether you have any COVID-like systems.

What if I travel to multiple locations and lodging establishments during my visit to Maine?

Once a person is in Maine and has either quarantined for 10 days or received a negative test result, the person does not need to repeat the test when, for example, checking into a second or third Maine lodging establishment. The visitor may show documentation from their earlier stay.

Can I quarantine for a shorter period of time if my stay is shorter than 10 days?

Yes, you can come to Maine and quarantine for the length of your stay if it is less than 10 days.