Property Owner/Applicant Eligibility

Qualified owner-applicants of 2- to 4-unit multifamily properties in the City's target area can receive funding of up to $30,000 per unit for approved rehab work. The Program is funded by HUD's Community Development Block Grant and a Community Solutions Grant from MaineHousing. 

To qualify, applicants must:

  • Own and occupy the 2- to 4-unit property.
  • Not exceed the Program's asset restriction limits (varies by unit size).
  • Provide proof of identity, property ownership, and adequate insurance coverage.
  • Demonstrate that the majority of the property's units are rented to (or if vacant, will be rented to) households whose income does not exceed HUD's 80% area median income limits.
  • Agree to the Program's guidelines for a 10-year-deferred, 0%-interest, 100% forgivable loan, secured by a mortgage on the property.
  • Rent the majority of the units during the 10-year loan period at a rate that does not exceed Biddeford Housing Authority's prevailing Payment Standards, based on bedroom size, for the City of Biddeford (less an allowance for any tenant-paid utilities). Please contact BHA for complete details.
  • Be (and remain) current on all City assessments.

The property owner may not be an elected or appointed City official or City staff member.

Eligible Rehab Activities

The Program assists properties that are in need of health, safety, or structural repair, major systems rehab, and/or energy efficiency improvements. By regulation, a primary focus will be on code compliance and removal of lead paint hazards. 

For living spaces, only necessary and permanent improvements that are not of a cosmetic or luxury nature are eligible for funding, including:

  • Structural improvements (foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs)
  • Energy efficiency improvements (windows, doors, insulation, heating)
  • Improvements to major building systems (plumbing, electrical, sewer) 

For any non-living space, improvements are limited to:

  • Structural improvements, including attached garage roofs that are not sound
  • Weather-related improvements (e.g.. to install a sump pump, clear downed trees)
  • Other health/safety-related issues on a case-by-case basis

Ineligible Rehab Activities

  • Cosmetic rehab
  • New construction
  • Paving
  • Fencing
  • Appliances
  • Any work started prior to the City’s approval of funding

Program Target Area

The building to be rehabilitated must be located within the City's downtown census tracts, as shown on the map below.

Census Tract Map - Program Target Area