Pearl Street Park

View from C

This fall, the Downtown Development Commission facilitated a public meeting and online survey to gather feedback on proposed designs for the City’s new park that will be located at the end of Pearl Street along the Saco River. The feedback that was received was incorporated into a new set of designs that reflect the common sentiments for more open green space and less hardscape. The updated designs are all variations on a similar idea of a flexible performance space that can be adapted for other uses when there are no performances taking place.


As part of the City's RiverWalk expansion and the redevelopment of the Pearl Street riverfront, a new park will be built along the Saco River. Each of the three concept designs for the site are shown in detail below. We encourage you to watch the detailed explanation of each design that was presented to a group of in-person participants on October 27.

Design Overview

Watch the presentation from Richardson & Associates below to learn more about each of the three proposed site designs.

Intro and Site Overview: 0:00 - 14:25

Option 1 Details: 14:25 - 24:35

Option 2 Details: 24:35 - 33:40

Option 3 Details: 33:40 - 41:40

Virtual Site Tour

The letters on the site maps correspond with the letters in the photos in the slideshow of site photos below. The panorama at the top of the page shows the view from Location C.

Additional Information