Comprehensive Plan Update: Neighborhoods

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What do you value in a neighborhood? What neighborhood you live in, and what do you like and not like in your neighborhood? Do you have ideas to make your neighborhood a better place to live in the future? We want to hear from you! 

Step 1: Watch a short video to learn more about neighborhoods in Biddeford and why they are important to the Comprehensive Plan.

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Step 3: Click this link to take a quick survey about neighborhoods in Biddeford!

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Why are neighborhoods important, and how do they relate to the Comprehensive Plan?

Though there is no specific section on Neighborhoods in the Comprehensive Plan, neighborhoods connect to all the elements of a Comprehensive Plan. Your neighborhood influences the way you see these individual components. The most obvious ties can be seen in the Housing section and Population and Demographics section – the types of housing and demographic makeup of your neighborhood affect what happens there. You can make a connection to other sections too – what natural resources you have access to, your access to job opportunities and your commute length, what transportation you’re able to use easily, what cultural and historic resources might be in or near your neighborhood, and your distance from public facilities. As you think about your neighborhood, consider all these aspects and how your location in the city impacts the way you interact with it.

Neighborhoods Fact Sheet Part 1
Neighborhoods Fact Sheet Part 2
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