Comprehensive Plan Update: Housing

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What types of housing are needed in Biddeford? Where in the community should new housing should be developed? How can we meet the housing needs of people in all age groups and income levels? We want to hear from you!

Step 1: Watch a short video to learn more about housing in Biddeford and the housing goals that the City Council has set for the community.

Step 2: Check out the fact sheet at the bottom of the page for information about housing in Biddeford "by the numbers".

Step 3: Click this link to take a quick survey about housing in Biddeford!

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Why should the Comprehensive Plan address housing?

The availability of decent and affordable housing, for people of all income levels, is a fundamental requirement of a thriving community. Assessing a community’s housing stock in a comprehensive plan ensures that future housing needs are addressed before issues of supply, quality and cost become problematic. The availability of a wide diversity of housing types contributes to a community’s vibrancy and economic success. Read more in the Housing section of the working draft of the Comprehensive Plan, which begins on page 93.

Housing Fact Sheet Part 1
Housing Fact Sheet Part 2
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