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We want to hear from you! Tell us your thoughts on Biddeford's natural resources, what environmental issues you care about most, and what you like to do outdoors in the city. 

Step 1: Watch a short video to hear about Biddeford's natural resources and the challenges that they face.

Step 2: Check out the fact sheet at the bottom of the page to learn more about Biddeford's diverse natural resources.

Step 3: Click this link to take a quick survey to share your priorities for protecting and conserving Biddeford's natural resources.

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Why does the Comprehensive Plan address environmental issues and natural resources?

Natural resources, ranging from the coastal environmental along the Atlantic Coast to the forests and streams in Western Biddeford, offer the City of Biddeford’s residents, businesses, and visitors numerous recreational, commercial, and quality of life assets. 

Natural Resources Fact Sheet Part 1
Natural Resources Fact Sheet Part 2
Natural Resources Fact Sheet Part 3
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Are you passionate about environmental issues? We are looking for individuals to participate in a focus group to provide more feedback about the issues that were discussed here. 

If you would like to participate, click the link below to fill out an interest form. You can also click here to learn more about how the focus group will work.

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