From: Jonathan Berube <jonathan.berube@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 9:44 AM
To: Fisk, JoAnne <joanne.fisk@biddefordmaine.org>
Subject: FOAA


Good Morning Joanne,
I am requesting the following information under the FOAA. I am looking for this information to come from the Biddeford Emergency Communications Center.
1. Total number of Biddeford Fire Department calls for 2020
2. Total number of Biddeford Fire Department EMS calls for 2020
3. Total number of Biddeford Fire Department EMS Non-Emergency Transfer calls for 2020
4. A complete list of every call the Biddeford Fire Department responded to for 2020. The list must at least include: Date and time(s) of call, responding unit(s), and disposition (transported to the hospital, services rendered, etc.) If possible, I would like to have this in an Excel file formal.
This is for personal use.
Thank you for your time reading and responding to my FOAA request.
All Best,
Jonathan Berube


From: Lamontagne, Danica
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 1:59 PM
To: 'jonathan.berube@gmail.com' <jonathan.berube@gmail.com>
Subject: RE: FOAA


Good afternoon Mr. Berube,

Thank you for your Freedom of Access Act request dated November 9, 2021.

We expect that it will take about 8 hours of staff time to fulfill this request. Under Maine law, there is no fee associated with the first two hours of work related to a FOAA request. The City of Biddeford charges a $15 per hour fee for each subsequent hour of work. Therefore, we have calculated a $90 fee to fulfill this request: 6 hours x $15 = $90

The fees associated with this request are primarily due to item number 4 on your list of criteria. Please note that our call volume statistics for 2020 are available on our website in the Biddeford Fire Department’s 2020 Annual Report.

If you would like to proceed with this request as originally submitted, please confirm your acceptance of the fee. I am happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


Danica Lamontagne

City of Biddeford

Communications Coordinator