Participating in City Council Meetings

Comments on Agenda Items

Public comment on an agenda item will take place at the advertised public hearing or at the first and second reading of the item, if the item requires two readings. The public also may address the Council on proposed amendments at either the first or second reading.

Public comment is not permitted on the following agenda items:

  • Personnel matters
  • Informational reports or communications from boards and commissions, staff or other organizations or entities
  • Appointments
  • Administrative action implementing prior action to the Council where that prior action had permitted public comment

If you would like to address the Council on an item that appears on the agenda, you will have the opportunity to do so after any introductory information about the issue has been presented. Once the Council begins its deliberations on the item, you will no longer be able to address the Council on that item.

Comments on Other Topics

At the beginning and end of each City Council meeting, there will be a “Public Addressing the Council” period. During this time, members of the public have an opportunity to address the City Council on any item of City business which is not on the Council agenda and over which the Council has direct control.

The first period will take place at the beginning of the meeting for 15 minutes with three minutes per speaker. The second period will take place at the end of the meeting for 15 minutes plus any unused time from the beginning portion. During the second period, each speaker may speak for a maximum of five minutes. The same person may not speak more than once in any evening without a majority vote of the Council.

Guidelines for Participation

  • If you are attending a meeting in person, you may step up to the podium to make your comment. If you are attending the meeting using Zoom, use the “Raise your hand” feature to indicate that you would like to speak.
  • Please give your name and physical address before addressing the Council.
  • You may not interrupt, applaud or otherwise express approval or disapproval of any statements made or actions taken during the meeting.
  • Your comment may be limited or cut off if the presiding officer believes that it is discourteous, slanderous, abusive or not in accord with good order and decorum.

Rules of the City Council