Mayor's Affordable Housing Task Force

This short-term Task Force was created to review and make recommendations on the housing issues facing the community. The work of the Task Force shall include: 

  1. Reviewing the historical housing data; 
  2. Reporting on the actual change in affordability within the community over the last five years; 
  3. Making recommendations on the definition of ‘affordable’ should mean for Biddeford; 
  4. Providing a housing inventory within Biddeford; 
  5. Identifying the housing shortages within the community; 
  6. Providing a forecast of the likely changes in affordable housing over the next five years without any intervention; 
  7. Identifying the current and projected impact on homelessness within the community; 
  8. Reviewing the current Housing Goals adopted by the City Council and making any recommendations on changes, if appropriate; and 
  9. Making any recommendation(s) the Task Force deems appropriate to address the challenges that are identified through the work of the Task Force.

The Task Force shall consist of nine members. The membership shall consist of a cross section of the City, including the desire to include representatives of the City Council, a citizen that rents within the community, and a person that owns rental property within the community. 

Councilor Doris Ortiz, the chair of the Mayor’s Affordable Housing Task Force, presented an interim report from the Task Force to the Council on October 4, 2022. A final report shall be issued to the City Council by November 15, 2022. 

Interim Report

Watch Past Meetings

  1. Doris Ortiz

    Chair; Councilor-at-Large

  2. Martin Grohman

    Councilor Ward 3

  3. Daniel Boucher

  4. Rev. Shirley Bowen

  5. Ciel Caldwell

  6. Dominic Deschambault

  7. Ian Garcia-Grant

  8. Seth Harkness

  9. Jessica Johnson

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