NAPC - March 11, 2022


From: North America Procurement Council [
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2022 10:01 AM
To: Morris, Carmen <>
Subject: Request for bid tabulation

Request Code: 11562573
 Date: 03/11/22
On behalf of our customers who are contractors & suppliers, we request updated plan-holder, bid tabulation and contract award information AS IT IS AVAILABLE on the following solicitation. Please correct any errors/deficiencies and return by Email to or Fax to 302-450-1925. 
 Solicitation Name: Street Reconstruction Project
 Solicitation Number: solicitation number 01-01-15086, 
 Bid Date: 03/10/22
 This request is made in consideration of state and local procurement laws and in the interest of a fair and transparent bidding process. 
 North America Procurement Council, Inc. PBC
 TEL 302-450-1923
 FAX 302-450-1925


From: Lamontagne, Danica 
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2022 1:12 PM
To: '' <>
Subject: RE: Request for bid tabulation


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have attached an updated list of plan holders.

Bid tabulation is available below:

Shaw Brothers, Inc.:                        $3,195,950.00

Gorham Sand & Gravel, Inc.:       $3,367,798.65


A contract has not yet been awarded so no documentation exists regarding contract award information at this time. The City of Biddeford does not hold Freedom of Access Act requests pending for possible future availability of public records; therefore, this request is considered closed. You are welcome to submit an additional FOAA request at a future date.

Per the City of Biddeford’s policies for records requests, the first two hours of staff time spent on each request is provided at no charge. Your request took staff less than two hours to complete, so there is no charge associated with this request.



Danica Lamontagne

City of Biddeford

Communications Coordinator


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