Eastern Fire/EMS Substation Commission

Through February 1, 2023, the Eastern Fire/EMS Substation Committee will work to answer the question of whether there is a need for a staffed fire/EMS substation in the eastern area of the city. As part of that review, if the committee determines there is a need, the committee should make recommendations on several high level decisions, including:

  • Where should the station be located?
  • What services (and equipment) should be delivered from the station?
  • Are there non-fire/EMS services that are currently critically needed by the City that could be incorporated into the station?
  • The labor agreement between the Labor Union and City supports the employment of so-called ‘per diem’ staff to supplement the full-time members. Should the station be designed to incorporate these employees as well?

To address these questions, the committee will be specifically charged with the following:

  1. The committee will evaluate the need for a staffed eastern substation.
  2. The committee will review the programing needs to gauge the scope and size requirements of a potential eastern substation.
  3. Should a need for such a substation to exist, the committee will recommend a location for an eastern substation that considers response times and other factors that would support the location recommended.
  4. The committee will consider capital costs and ongoing operational costs as significant factors in their development of any recommendations.
  5. The committee will review capital costs of any recommendations.
  6. The committee will review the findings and recommendations of the Center for Public Safety Management report. It shall consider that report as a fair, unbiased expert consultant engaged for the City.
  1. William Emhiser

    Chair; Ward 1 Councilor

    15 Seventh Street

  2. Daniel Boucher

    72 Hill Street, #102

  3. James Emerson

    127 Old Pool Road

  4. Jeffrey Greene

    25 Ledgemere Drive

  5. Karin Gregory

    20 Elizabeth Road

  6. Kyle Noble

    56 Hills Beach Road

  7. Michael Swanton

    110 Old Pool Road

  8. Patricia Boston

    60 Hills Beach Road

  9. Paul Labrecque

    25 Emerald Lane

  10. Peter McPheeters

    1 Bayview Avenue

  11. William Riggs

    32 Sea Spray Drive

  1. Scott Gagne

    Chief of Department
    Phone: (207) 282-6632

  2. James A. Bennett

    City Manager
    Phone: (207) 284-9313