McCready - October 25, 2022

From: Loren McCready [] 
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2022 6:57 PM
To: Lamontagne, Danica <>
Subject: Time Sensitive: FOAA Request - West Brook Subdivision


Dear Ms. Lamontagne:


In response to the Final Subdivision Approval for E & R Development Corp to establish 19 Lot Cluster Subdivision (West Brook Subdivision) on an 8.31 acre lot off of Winding Creek Lane,  and pursuant to the Maine Freedom of Access Act, (1 M. R. S. A. § 401 et seq.), I respectfully request access to:


  • The final contractual agreement between the City of Biddeford, E & R Development, and Gervais Dube for the land conveyance outlined in the Letter of Understanding approved by City Council on October 20, 2020.
  • All pertinent communication (emails, meeting notes, etc.) and documentation about the final contractual agreement provided to City Council, Planning Board, and other city officials.
  • The source of title for the land that is proposed to be conveyed to E & R Development from the City of Biddeford (a portion of Tax Map 8, Lot 3-1).
  • All pertinent communication (emails, meeting notes, comments, etc.) and documentation regarding Site Law review from City Staff and the Planning Board.

I believe these records are in the custody of the City Manager’s Office and the Planning Department.


I am willing to pay all lawful and reasonable costs associated with this request. Please notify me in advance what the costs will be.


If you intend to deny this public interest in whole or in part, I request that you advise me, in writing, of the particular statutory exemption upon which you are relying, and an explanation for doing so, as required by Chapter 13 of the Maine Statutes. Also, if the exemption you are claiming applies to only a portion of a record, please delete the exemption section and release the remainder of the records as required by law.


In light of the nature and importance of the records requested, please make them available within a reasonable time. If you have any questions about this request, please email me at or call at 719-761-8569.


Thank you in advance for processing my request.



Loren McCready

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