RFP - On-Call Trenchless Technology Services


“ON-CALL” Trenchless Technology Services 

Request for Applications


The City of Biddeford, Maine is accepting applications from contractors to provide “On- Call” Trenchless Technology Services. The City will accept all applications, submitted on the attached forms, until 3:00 p.m., Thursday, November 30, 2023. These may be hand delivered or mailed to The Biddeford Public Works Department, 371 Hill Street, Biddeford ME, 04005. The envelope shall be clearly marked “On-Call Trenchless Technology Services”.

All applicants are advised that the City makes no guarantee as to the amount of work to be generated by this agreement. The City will contract, at its option, with multiple firms.

Contractors will be called, based on the City’s specific needs and based on the amount of equipment, crews and their respective prices stated in the application. The length of the contract will be for three years from the date of its signing through.

The City reserves the right to verify applicants’ qualifications, capability to perform, availability, past performance record and to verify that the applicant is current in its obligations to the City. The City further reserves the right not to award contracts based on any negative findings to the above and/or failure to promptly sign and return the contract document with all required insurance certificates as instructed. The successful applicant shall have ten calendar days to sign the contract after notification by the Corporation Counsel’s Office that it is ready for signature, otherwise his application may lapse at the election of the City.

All applications shall remain open to acceptance for ninety days after they have been opened. Late applications, or those without required signatures or those faxed or those submitted electronically shall not be accepted. You are only required to submit one (1) copy of your bid. Please also submit the most recent copy of your firm’s W-9.

All questions must be submitted in writing to the Biddeford Wastewater Department and be received no later than five working days prior to the scheduled opening date - these may be mailed, hand delivered to 63 Water St, or e-mail alex.buechner@biddefordmaine.org. The Wastewater Department will be the only office issuing any changes to this Invitation. All changes (addenda) will be in writing and will be sent to registered application holders. The City shall not be responsible for any oral interpretation given by other City personnel or others.

Download the complete RFP below.