RFP - Two Mid-Size 4x4 Pickups




Sealed proposals for furnishing the City of Biddeford with 4X4 MID-SIZE pickup, will be accepted at the Department of Public Works Garage, 371 Hill Street, Biddeford, Maine until December 12th, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., at which time they will be publicly opened and read.   

Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope plainly marked “PROPOSAL FOR TWO Mid-Size 4X4 pickups. (Ranger) (Colorado) (Canyon) (Tacoma)

The equipment to be purchased under this proposal is to replace equipment which is to be either sold or traded-in towards its replacement. In the final page of the proposal, an opportunity is given to bidders to quote on the City’s used equipment as a trade-in allowance toward that department’s purchase. The proposal may be awarded either with or without trade-in as the City deems to be in its best interest.   The City may also, if it feels it is necessary, withdraw any used equipment from the sale before the award is made.  

Deliveries shall be F.O.B. Biddeford, Maine on or before the time stated in the proposal.  The record for deliveries of a proposer, or the manufacturer of a make being proposed, may be a factor in making an award on the equipment of this proposal. Since a quick delivery is needed for this equipment, delivery time as well as price may be made a factor in determining the award, according to what the City of Biddeford may feel to be in its best interest.  

Proposers shall include with their proposal a catalog (or literature) marked to indicate the standard factory equipment of each model being proposed.  

There shall be within the Biddeford area a repair/service facility, which shall maintain a stock of spare parts, for the make and model of the equipment that the proposer offers in the proposal.  

All equipment offered in this proposal shall be absolutely new and the latest model as quoted, shall have the standard motor vehicle guarantee, and shall be of a United States Manufacturer.  The dealer will state in the proposal the name, model number, etc. for equipment that meets all the specifications and performs all the functions and is represented, not only by these specifications, but also by the descriptions in the descriptive literature included with this proposal, unless the literature included with this proposal, is plainly marked otherwise.   

If the equipment offered by a proposer under the specifications meets the specifications except for minor factors or reasonably small variations from the specifications that do not prevent the equipment being proposed, from performing satisfactorily or from being as good as equipment fully meeting these specifications, then these minor specifications may be waived by the City, if it deems it to be in its advantage, and the equipment with the waived variations in specifications will be accepted as fully meeting these specifications.  

It is the custom of the City of Biddeford to pay its bills within 20-30 days following delivery of, and receipt of bills for all items covered by the Purchase Order.  In submitting a proposal under these specifications proposers should take into account all discounts, both trade and time, allowed in accordance with the above payment policy.  Therefore, all proposers should quote a net price exclusive of all Federal Excise Taxes.   

The City of Biddeford reserves the right to accept the bid on one or more items of a proposal, on all the items of a proposal, or on any combination of items on a proposal.  The City of Biddeford also reserves the right to waive any informality in bids, to accept any bid and to reject any or all bids, should it be deemed to be in the best interest of the City to do so.  

If there are any questions on the proposal package, please contact Jerry Court at the Biddeford Public Works Department (207) 282-1579.

RFP Document