What is the program?

The City of Biddeford implemented a new curbside recycling and trash collection program on July 1, 2013. Properties that are in the program receive a blue Zero-Sort recycling bin and a smaller green trash container to limit "free" trash collection. Collection is curbside so residents living in properties that are in the program no longer have to bring their recyclables to the Recycling Center, they get picked-up at curbside or roadside. Trash and recycling get picked up on the same day every week. Check out what day is your collection day (PDF).

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1. When can I put my containers out for collection?
2. Where can I purchase Pay As You Throw bags?
3. Can I use a plastic bag to place my recycling items in the blue recycling container?
4. What is the program?
5. How does the program work?
6. Who is included in the Zero-Sort Program?
7. What goes into the containers?
8. What does not go into the containers?
9. Can I place the orange Pay as You Throw (PAYT) bags into my old trash container for collection?
10. Can I use a plastic bag to place trash in my green trash container?
11. What makes commercial apartment properties grandfathered?
12. What happens if my property lost its grandfathered status?
13. I have an additional question or comment - what should I do?