What happens during a revaluation?

Data Collection Phase

A physical inspection of both the interior and exterior of each property is conducted, where building dimensions and characteristics are noted. This is the data collection phase of the project. Each data collector carries an identification badge as well as a letter of introduction on city or town letterhead. Each data collector's car is also registered with the Police Department and Assessors Office.

Market Analysis

While the data collection phase is going on, appraisers are studying the real estate transactions that have occurred over the past two years in order to gain a complete understanding of property value in the municipality. When this process is complete, the appraisers can then utilize this market data to help determine the market value of every property in the Municipality.


Once values (otherwise known as assessments) have been determined, each property owner receives an individual notice of the new assessment. Property owners also have the opportunity to review the entire file of assessed values so that they can make comparisons to their own property. If the municipality chooses, this data can be published on the Internet, otherwise the data will be made available at one or more locations. 

All property owners are given the opportunity to discuss their values with the appraisal staff at an appointed time which will be publicly announced towards the end of the revaluation. At this meeting, a property owner can voice concerns or discuss inaccuracies or discrepancies with a qualified Appraiser who will review the data and explain the assessment process.

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