What goes into the containers?

Blue Recycling Container

The blue recycling container is used for the following items ONLY. All recyclables should be LOOSE in the blue bin (not bagged).

  • Cardboard/Paper
    • Corrugated Cardboard (Wavy center layer)
    • Boxboard (Dry-food boxes, egg cartons, paper towel rolls, etc.)
    • Junk Mail, Glossy Inserts, Newspapers, Periodicals, Envelopes, and Catalogs
    • Office Paper
    • Paper bags
    • Telephone books
    • Shredded paper (please place in a paper bag)
  • Plastic
    • Rigid Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Tubs, and Lids marked with #1-7 (Empty kitchen, laundry, and bath containers)
  • Metal
    • Aluminum and Steel Cans
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Bi-metal cans
  • Glass
    • Empty food and beverage bottles and jars

Green Trash Container

The green trash container is used for your household trash. Your household trash can be placed in regular trash bags prior to placement in the green container. You do not need to use the city’s orange PAYT bags for trash that is placed in the green trash container. The orange PAYT bags are only for trash that does not fit in the green trash container.

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