Am I a regulated facility?

You are a regulated facility if you are a food service establishment or a limited-food service establishment.

  • A Food Service Establishment (FSE) is any permanent facility within the boundaries of the City of Biddeford, which prepares and/or packages food or beverages for distribution, sale, or consumption, on or off site, which has any process or device that uses or produces FOG. Excluding private residences, FSEs include but are not limited to food courts, food manufacturers, food packagers, food processors, restaurants, sandwich shops, grocery stores, bakeries, butchers, limited food service establishments, lounges, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, churches, and school cafeterias.
  • A Limited-Food Service Establishment (L-FSE) is a type of food service establishment generally engaged only in reheating, hot holding, or assembly of ready-to-eat food products, and as a result, wastewater discharges contain insignificant amounts of FOG. A L-FSE is not engaged in deep frying or grilling.

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1. Am I a regulated facility?
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