Where is the parking demand coming from?

There are two major sources of the increased parking demand. First, a number of the buildings in the downtown that were empty or underutilized have been rehabbed and now occupied. As of 2021, 1,345,642 square feet of mill space is now occupied. There is an estimated 262,938 of vacant space that still remains. Second, the residential rental market has changed greatly in the downtown. For many years a large share of renters either did not own a vehicle or only had one vehicle. Today, it is more common for renters to have multiple vehicles per unit, including several younger unrelated individuals, each with their own vehicle.

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1. Why is the City dealing with parking changes anyways?
2. Where is the parking demand coming from?
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6. How is the increased demand for parking impacting the downtown?
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8. How will these parking changes affect my taxes?