How were the revenue projections calculated? What happens if the garage doesn't generate as much revenue as expected?

The projections for revenues are calculated conservatively by a consultant. They are based on the parking demands of the surrounding buildings and development projects that have recently been announced. Even with these conservative projections, the parking demand on the site is expected to exceed the 640-space garage.

If the garage does not generate as much revenue as is projected, then the City will pay the difference and collect payments from property owners in the proposed Special Assessment District (click the link to view a map). The Special Assessment District includes the properties that surround the 3 Lincoln Street site. Funds will be collected from the property owners in the Special Assessment District only if revenues fall below 90% of projections. This mechanism is in place to ensure that no residential property tax dollars will be used for this project and that mill owners have an incentive to move forward with successful projects.

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1. What are the highlights of the approved project?
2. How does a parking garage help property taxpayers?
3. How will the garage be paid for? Will residential property tax dollars be used?
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5. How much will the parking garage cost to build?
6. How were the revenue projections calculated? What happens if the garage doesn't generate as much revenue as expected?
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12. How will the Riverwalk expand as part of the project? Why is it included in this project?
13. What happens at the end of the agreement?
14. Who is included in Biddeford RiverWalk Community 1, LLC's project team?
15. Why was the 3 Lincoln Street site selected for this project?
16. Has the downtown area lost any parking spaces due to recent construction projects or streetscape improvements?
17. How will the traffic impacts of a parking garage in this location be addressed?
18. Does the $15,000,000 listed for a parking garage in the TIF agreement determine the amount of money that can be used to fund payments for a parking garage?
19. How did the closure of the Maine Energy Recovery Company impact the City's tax base?
20. What has been the total tax commitment change since the closure of MERC?
21. What does it mean when you say that there is nearly $40 million in new value that will be generated by the garage over time?