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Flag Request Form

  1. City of Biddeford Special Flag Policy

    “Special Flags or Banners” may be displayed on either the flagpole located on the left side of City Hall directly outside of the Mayor’s office or other available flagpoles. Such Special Flags or Banners may only be displayed upon approval from the Biddeford City Council. Examples of Special Flags or Banners include, but are not limited to, sister city flags, Heritage Month flags (e.g., Black History Month, Pride Month, Asian/Pacific American History, National Hispanic Heritage, and Indigenous peoples’ heritage), flags received in recognition of awards, flags received from visiting groups, or flags designating an event or accomplishment.

    When selecting or approving a request for flying a Special Flag, the City Council shall consider and make a determination that the Special Flag meets at least one or more of the following criteria: a. Whether the United States or State of Maine has recognized the flag though statute or proclamation; b. Whether the flag represents an organization dedicated to the public good for the Citizens of Biddeford; c. Whether the flag represents a National, State, or City interest; d. Whether the flag is an historic American flag that has or continues to have a primary positive message of American history and unity; e. Whether the flag promotes unity and community with another city, state, country, or other jurisdiction; or f. Whether the flag represents a positive interest or value worthy of public recognition.

    Unless otherwise stated or determined by the City Council, all Special Flags or Banners shall be flown or displayed for a limit of thirty (30) calendar days after their approval or for 30-days after a defined start date. Any Special Flag or Banner flown from a flagpole at City Hall must not be larger than the flag of the United States of America and must be located beneath the flag of the United States of America when flown on the same staff.

  2. Application

    Please fill out the Special Flag Application Form below for consideration of your request.

  3. Please share any relevant information about why you are requesting that this flag is displayed (for example, describe the meaning of the flag, any event/accomplishment/Day of Recognition associated with the flag, etc).

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